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puppy love and my front teeth

OK, so I guess my last entry could have also been called bitter much I am not bitter but I do wonder what is next. The good news is today my qua1ity review was completed & I did well (20% over what my quality has to be at this point). That means I won't be put on a performance plan for quality. And, if I focus for the next 16 or so days I will get off the performance plan for production. Once I have my evaluation I can start applying for jobs outside my office and outside my agency. Outside my agency would be difficult because it would come without moving expenses but it is an option.

Have I mentioned I friended a puppy love I haven't seen since 4th grade? I have thought about him off and on over the last thirty-four years (I know, it is a ridiculous number that I never thought would come out of my mouth but it is true that the last time I Six (so named because we used to watch the 6 mi11ion man together) was in 1976 (my family moved to New York State that summer). I have thought of Six not only because we spent two years playing together almost every week (my parents managed a club that his parents belonged to) but our puppy love also left a permanent mark. We ch1pped my fr0nt teeth tw0 weeks apart.

One night we were playing around with the pool table. Playing with the pool balls when the eight ball became airbound and hit my mouth. I don't remember crying but I do remember walking up to my parents and opening my mouth. My Dad said Oh my god. Do you know how much dental work you are going to have to have? Caps, crowns and root canals? Mom hushed him. The next day the dentist put a temporary, plastic bag kind of tooth over my chipped one. Did I mention I had a bat0n contest after the dentist appointment? Two weeks later we were in our socks and Six was chasing me and I think a friend on the dance floor. I fell and hit my mouth because I forgot to put out my hands. My Dad repeated what he'd said the week before, word for word. And, the next day I had another baton contest.

I also had a gap between my front teeth & before you start thinking it was all sexy I was also a bit buck tooth. The dental crowns of old were backed with white gold so they reflected weirdly in light and in photos. I spent junior high and high school with my hand hiding my mouth when I talked. Eventually, by law school, crowns had improved and I got a new pair. I still don't have the super star white smile because my teeth are discolored due to antibiotics I took as a baby. Antibiotic teeth don't bleach.

In spite of my mouth truama, I've always wondered what happened to Six. He was one of my first blue eyed blondes I was attracted to. That group also includes the Last Blonde who turned out not to be because now CPA is the most recent last.

Anyway, so I found Six online, or at least the guy most likely to be Six, and I friended him without a message. He sent a message asking "Do I know you? Is this the onebluegreen I used to play with?" He even mentioned skating, which I had forgotten about. I sent him a message back saying hi. He wrote back with very clear memories of us skating, playing, his family visiting my house, my horse, the fact I lived next to a graveyard and that I had a brother and sister. He said I was his first puppy love. He said he wanted to keep in touch.

It was a sweet email. One of the bad things about moving every three years when I was growing up is I have lost track of people from childhood and because I didn't grow up with them they are still frozen at the age of the memory. They are still magical childhood friends vs. you know, the former magical childhood best friend who you grow apart from in high school and/or college because you grow into totally different people. It was also sweet because he unabashedly told me I was his puppy love. I would have never written that to him first. However, it is or at least was his personality. The night he met me Six asked his parents on the way home how you could tell if you were in love. His parents thought that was so funny & they shared it with my parents apparently in front of me because I clearly remember hearing it and being embarrassed. And excited. And annoyed with our parents.

Six lives a couple of hours away. I hope sometime we'll get together for lunch. In the meantime it has been an ego boost.

10:40 p.m. - 2010-09-21


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