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S1M City

I really like Baltimore. It feels like a city to me in a way that DC doesn't. DC has always felt like Atlanta or Charlote to me, meaning more of a commuter city. When I made the same remark to the FPL she said she agreed.

She said Baltimore feels like a S1M city to her because it feels like someone said "Hmm, I want this style of neighborhood here and this kind over there..." I understand what she means because the variety of architecture and the many neighborhoods close to downtown is one of the aspects I really like.

I have been to the Wa1ters Art Museum and the Ba1tim0re Museum of Art. I was struck by a An Ecclesiastic, ca. 1874, a painting at the Wa1ters by Mari0n0 F0rtuny Marsa1. The small painting stood out in the gallery of 19th century oils because it seems so modern. It reminded me of Franc1s Bac0n's work; the painting's caption also mentioned the similarities but I don't think he influenced Bacon. Ecclesiastic is attributed to the year the painter died. His earlier work is labled as Orientalism and it is quite different from this painting. I wonder if this was the only one?

9:53 p.m. - 2009-06-12


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