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form over function elevator design

The interior elevators in our hotel are diamond shaped when viewed from the lobby but from the inside they are arrow shaped. The tail of the arrow is as you first walk in, which is also were the control panel is and then the arrow/triangle part is glass. The center of the hotel, or at least the arrow side of the hotel, is open all the way up.

The elevators remind me of L0gan's Run but it may be more of a feeling than an accurate recall of the set.

We arrived Wednesday evening and yesterday when we returned from training we had to insert our hotel room key in the elevator in order for it to move up or down. Once a key card is inserted only one floor can be pushed. CubeMate M immediately started ranting about how stupid it was and thanks for telling us.

As the walking talking attempt to be reasonable I suggested it was security measure that was probably instituted on weekends for our safety.

This did nothing to appease CubeMate M. This evening after training he once again said how stupid it was, how he needed to say something to the front desk Whose bright idea was this anyway? When you enter the elevator with luggage you immediately are bottled necked b/c the front of the elevator is so narrow. NOW we are having to stop and insert our key card before we can even move the back, the larger part. So stupid. Clearly the elevator was designed by someone who cared more for looks than function and then someone later comes along and institutes a policy which is even worse.

It was a long rant. It really is a bad elevator design but they are cool looking.

Other than getting to know the elevators it has poured rain continously since we've been here. The good news is it is supposed to be mostly sunny this weekend. In spite of the rain I have spent time each evening walking around the 1nner Harb0ur and some of the other nearby neighborhoods.

This evening She Prince (co-worker from my station who was promoted from the same team I was and more interesting last Halloween she dressed as Prince) went to a Mexican restaurant in Federa1 Hi11. I had a Granadarita Margarita (El Jimador Blanco, Patron Citronge, Pomegranate & fresh lime) with dinner. It was divine. We walked around the water some before we returned to our hotel. I was so tired. I am surprised I am up this late.

12:00 a.m. - 2009-06-06


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