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I spy a strong signal

Ahhh...the joys of using wifi with a strong signal. This is a relatively new experience for me here in Baltimore (hence my lack of updates). The wifi in my room crawls and often times out. I'd given up hope of having much internet access when I discovered, with the 40 or so of us that are housed in our hotel, that we were given a suite/lounge on the upper floor.

While it was odd to be the only person at the pizza party in the lounge with a laptop I was correct in my belief that the wifi signal would be strong.

I haven't been in our lounge in a couple of days and I have to say while it is clean it smells fainting like vomit. I wonder if some our group had a drink-like-you're-in-high school/college party this weekend.

In spite of the faint odor I am going to finish my entry.

This weekend I talked to R (he called b/c he was in R0anoke for his mother's bday and wanted to get together), I spent more time at Fe11's P0int, I found a creative film co-operative, a couple of parks, a very old cemetery which was in a terrible neighborhood and was completed locked up, a weekly free book giveaway called b00kthing (where you can take up to a 150,000 books for free. For Real), i photographed a few row houses in M0unt Vern0n, I swam, I ordered an expensive poolside burger, I started and finished a mystery I picked up at B00kthing, I talked to CPA, I left a message for Robo Singer (he asked me to call), my gps led me through a section of the city that looked better than most of H0micide Life 0n The Streets, I went to an upscale mall, I discovered I am too big wear clothes from XIX F0rever, I found clothes I could wear but not afford at Anthropo1ogie, I bought running shoes and workout gear (see note about XXI F0rever), I bought Mrs. Voice some tea at Teavana, I went to the H0n Fest which was a ton of fun, I called my wedding photographer who was also on high school yearbook staff with me -- he lives in the neighborhood of the Hon Festival -- we made plans to get together later, I went in a LOT of cool shops, I bought a book at Atomic Books (an independent book store that carries zines. I've ordered from them online but I've never been in), I ran/walked for thirty minutes (see note about XXI FOrever), after my run my face was scarlet so I showered to lower my blood pressure, and now I am waiting for True B100d to start.

I could watch it up here, the night time view from the 14th floor is spectacular but my room smells better.

8:26 p.m. - 2009-06-14


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