the repatriation of onebluegreen


lots of food, festivals, & many friends

Last weekend I saw Mr. and Mrs. New York (Friday we ate dinner at the Lebanese Festival), Mrs. Voice (same as NYC plus we also ate dinner Saturday at the Lebanese Festival and went to the sidewalk art show), Mr. and Mrs. Proust (hung out at their busy yard sale), Dancer (Saturday Lebanese festival), Daisyman (where don't I run into him), and a few others.

Chicago once commented on how many food related festivals we have. Strawberry, Chili, Wine, Peach, Lebanese, L0ca1 C010rs (international food & cultural fest), Greek, German...

Saturday I bought some tomato, pepper and picking cucumber plants from the farmers market. I am [in]famous for buying and not planting. It was one of my habits that made my Mom crazy. Maybe today I will turn over a new leaf.

12:39 p.m. - 2009-06-02


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