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a bloody lip and honeymoon choices

After more pain, a bloody lip, and two more dental appointments I have a crown. I don't, however, have a new dentist. The bloody lip with no acknowledgement or offer to clean and sterilize it is where I am drawing the line.

Last weekend had lunch at an old fire station in 01d T0wn with my cousin Rocket Scientist (I have to look up if that is what I use to call him. Essentially he is the really smart cousin from Mom's side of the family.) He is in the process of moving back to Wash1ngt0n State after 40+ years in N0rthern V1rg1n1a. He moved here after college, spent 40+ years working at the same agency and would have stayed here but last year he married his high school friend's sister. She still lives in WS and is also helping take care of her mother.

Anyway, it is nice to see him. Very smart. Always has great info about the area. Lived with my maternal grandparents so he has family stories and memories, which is nice.

Wedding about 10 weeks out. Started picking up wedding planning again. ARGH! I have spent at least 30 hours trying to plan our honeymoon. We both would like to go to Par1s but it seems expensive esp since we don't know if Blackbelt will have a job or if not how long it will take him to get one. Even if Par1s were possible another part of me wants to lounge on a beach in the Car1bbean but there are a lot of choices. BB said he would be happy with anywhere but he gets really excited when we talk about Par1s.

6:11 p.m. - 2012-08-14


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