the repatriation of onebluegreen


I am back (again). There must be a glitch in the Matrix.

I am glad to see Dland isn't defunct although I haven't contributed much to the health and well-being of the site. My last entry was three years ago but I am glad it is still here. I miss this diary. I wrote about it at least once before but it really is different than social media, my Day 0ne entries, or even my paper journal. There is something unique about writing online but in a semi-annoynomous way.

New Year's Day 2015 I took part in a public reading of artist's diaries. Eleven of us read an entry from around January 1. I was a bit nervous about reading aloud to a group in public museum but it was a neat way to start the New Year. It was intimate and fun. My co-worker KP came to support me for which I will externally be grateful. I read the following passage from B1anche Lazze11.

January 1, 1900
This the sixth day of January. I begin my journal. I hope to write in it every Saturday of this year. I have resolved to make this the very best year of my life. Monday, New Years day was spent at Mr. Cains. I was tatting almost all day. Sunday night it snowed. It lay two inches on the ground on New Years day. It was 20 or 22 degrees above 0. It remained that way for two or three days. It has become very much warmer. I think it will rain. Some snow was on the ground yesterday. It Sun. so cold I only had four scholars Tuesday and five the remainder of the week. Today I gave Lois an Elocution lesson. My first as an Elocution teacher. Just think a school teacher, music teacher, Elocution teacher - "Jack of all trades and master of none." My music students Ida and Lois are getting along very nicely, especially Ida. Mrs. Cains cook "Sarah" is going to marry one of the farm servants "Tom". Toms second wife died the first of November. I received a letter from home tonight, also one from Mary Jones. I must sew buttons on my shoes and retire.

This is my lunch break so it won't be a long entry but it is yet another start.

11:57 a.m. - 2015-12-09


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