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Smurf & Metal Teeth

I had a quick dentist's appointment scheduled today during lunch. A quick in-and-out to get a right, lower molar crowned.

I am sorry but we've lost your crown and case. It came in but we can't find it. We have to take the impression again.

An hour and three shots of Novocain later I was back at work with tingling numbness below my right cheek bone to the middle of my lips and a lunch that smelled wonderful but I was scared to try to eat.

A few weeks ago on a Friday Smiley, my boss' boss, mentioned he was going to be OOO (0ut 0f the 0ff1ce) for a dentist appointment. I asked if his dentist was accepting new patients. He said he would check.

That afternoon while I was on the Metr0 platform watching Netf1ix and waiting for my train Smiley walked up and stood next to me. I snapped off episode of Supernatura1 I was getting ready to watch and smiled back. He said his dentist, Dr. K, was accepting new patients. Dr. K is located three doors from our office.

Monday evening I broke one of my lower right molars to the gum the back gum line. Only the front and gigantic filling were left. I emailed Smiley to ask the name of his dentist. The next morning I dropped by Smiley's office to ask the name of his dentist. He gave me Dr. K's name & location again. I called and was able to get worked into a canceled appointment.


Was in-and-out of that appointment in 45 minutes. Yay! My temporary tooth was blue. Kind of weird. Dr. K called it my Smurf tooth. I appreciated the closeness of his office to mine. I appreciated being worked in. He was a bit rougher than my dentist in R0anoke but I was excited to finally have found someone.

My next appointment was an hour and forty-five minutes of pain and/or extreme discomfort. The assistant gave me vasoline in advance to coat my lips because she said the procedure was long and involved a lot of mouth stretching. It was and it did.

The blue tooth, I learned, was to make it easier to see where to work. I learned because Dr. K's nephew, the recent dental school graduate, participated in my care. I also learned dentists sometimes leave a thin piece of string, used to help catch gum line bleeding, in your gums. When you call and/or return complaining of foul odor, pain, or having found the string you are told it was meant to be there but it is OK that you removed it or some other similar dentist fib.

After two temporary teeth got bubbles/broke I walked out with a metal tooth. Yes, metal. I felt like Jaws from James Bond. First blue, then metal. Sexy.

Not counting the crown in progress I have three crowns, many fillings (it was the time period and the dentist coupled with our non-flouride water, I think), two or three root canals, braces as adults, temporary caps, three wisdom that are part of my bite, and built up teeth. I have never dreaded the dentist. I have been complimented for being such a good dental patient.

The appointment before last was really painful. Today was kind of painful too. My tooth didn't hurt when it broke but it has hurt ever since I went to the dentist. My upper teeth and jaw hurts too.

He seems like a competent dentist who had a tough tooth in a difficult location to deal with. And it is nice his office is so close to work, HIs prices seems reasonable. He can be rough. Last time I thought the under side of my chin was going to be bruised & my bite has been more out of joint since I saw him. He never explains what he is doing or getting ready to do. He doesn't tell me I can close my mouth because it is going to be a minute. Twice he has gotten dental glue or paste stuck to my face.

I don't think I have found my dentist yet.

7:57 p.m. - 2012-07-17


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