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Engaged, Super 8, Sound & Old TV Shows...or Hello Again!

The problem with not acting when you first think of something is that each subsequent time you think of it the task has grown but the time you have to do it has not. Add in the snowball effect over a few days, weeks, months or even years. Then it feels like the task is SO big you can't even start.

This is true with dishes, to-lists, exercise, and writing in dland.

Since I wrote last I:

  • got engaged (February 19 to Blackbelt)

  • bought two super 8 cameras to shoot a co-workers wedding (July 6 -- it felt great to shoot again)

  • bought a Tascam recorder to capture audio from the wedding. (that also felt great)

  • watched a lot of NetF1ix on my phone (December 2011 when I bought my iPh0ne to present)

There is so much more than those four items but since my last entry was seven months ago it it would be easy to throw up my hands and to finally quit Dland but I don't want to.quit writing here. It is in that spirit that I say those four are as good as any place to pick up the thread again.

5:17 p.m. - 2012-07-16


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