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I am going to S1c1ly to visit the Scientist brother and his wife. They are both retired but working on the base. About ten years ago, right after they were married my brother was stationed in S1c1ly for three years but I did not visit. Three or so years ago my sister-in-law was hired stateside for the job she had while they were in S1c1ly. My brother retired and joined her. I think they will be there another year and a half.

I am excited to finally be going. I am planning on going back before they leave.

I thought I'd lost my passp0rt. I'd brought it with me the first day of work because my papers said I would need it for identification. I didn't. I remember having it in a zippered pouch in my purse but I couldn't remember where I'd put it when I'd decided it was too risky to carry around. Plus, I've moved from temp quarters to my permanent place.

Then, not only could I not find my passport but I couldn't find any of my important documents. I couldn't find my birth certificate (which I needed in order to get another passport), the title to my car, the deed to the property in VA Beach, my tribal membership card, etc.

It was horrible.

Black Belt picked up a couple of file boxes from my storage unit and spent two hours going through them but the important paper file wasn't there. Saturday morning I left here about six am in order to drive to the state capital's Bureau of Vita1 Stat1st1cs to obtain a certified copy of my birth certificate.

I don't think I have driven on 95 that way so it was interesting. It was also painless. I had two copies of my certificates in five minutes. I got on a different interstate and headed to R0an0ke to see Black Belt.

He was grumpy and tired because he had work on Saturday (complaining customer two hours away who wanted BB to bring him a product for his construction job). I could use the time I spend on the road catching up with people but I don't usually but I left a message for Boston and I got a hold of my Film Partner. My Film Partner decided to finish her graduate degree and is back in R0an0ke from LA.

I said "No [email protected] way."

Not elegant but it was a surprise. She has been in LA (or near there) for three years without a mention of coming back.

We ate lunch at the school cafeteria (which I still kind of miss) and she hung out with me while I looked through boxes in my storage unit for my passport. Periodically I gave her my high school photos or something similar to look and laugh at. She said I was a walking art exhibit.

I went through all the boxes and keepers but had no luck. As I was leaving I decided to check the old leather suitcase that belonged to my great grandparents. The important papers file was in the suitcase.

I was so happy. It would have been a hassle to track the documents down. But tonight I developed another reason for being happy. As I was putting my old birth certificate with the two new copies I noticed they are different. My old one is a photo copy of my original birth certificate. It has my father's signature, the time I was born, my parents address, and a few other details the new one doesn't. The new one is a digitally produced extract of my info. It lists my mother and father's names, the date I was born and the place but the other details are absent.

9:20 p.m. - 2011-08-22


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