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The theatre where I saw HP6 sat 2200 people. I wonder how many the main theatre sat. I was in theatre nine and our movie let out at 3 am. I was tired the next day at work but it was worth it. Worth it because it felt good to do something out of character.

Well...staying up until 3:30 in the morning has always been in my character. In high school my Mom woke up to find me cleaning my closet in the middle of the night. It was with reluctance (I wasn't usually so excited about cleaning) that she sent me to bed. I can get so engrossed in a novel that I don't stop reading until daybreak. And the first few weeks I dated CPA it was a common experience, but going out at night with the intention of staying up late (and going to work the next morninng)...that is what is different.

The CPA showed up on time to take me to dinner. He brought a cupcake cake and thoughtful presents. He stayed with me from my birthday (a wednesday) until Sunday afternoon. Friday and Saturday we stayed the Former Pregnant Lady's condo at the Lake. (I have not seen him since which has been about nine days. Last Saturday he went out of town and didn't return until today. And tomorrow, tuesday, his oldest daughter leaves for Europe with his sister. I am thinking I will see him later this week but honestly it becomes less pressing.)

Friday after my I also had my yearly doctor's appointment which I haven't had in four or so years. I picked a doctor at the Lake based on a recommendation of a friend of Mrs. Proust. We discussed birth control methods.

Do you have children?


Are you going to have children?

It looks unlikely; I would also be concerned b/c of my age.

There are considerations but it is possible. The most effective form of birth control is tubal ligation. Are you ready to say you don't want any children?

I paused. No. Not yet.

So we took that option off the table and looked at the others. The pill was recommended. She did mention the IUD. I know there have been great strides but I don't feel comfortable with the method. So, I am the proud owner of a diaphram.

Fitting was trying and embarrassing experience but it also made me (somehow) feel very adult-like. She asked if I was going to have children. A week later I called to check on my lab work. My blood work looks great although she recommended I take vitamin D. I also need to make an appointment for a mammogram.

My background investigation for work is complete. Yay! I was really worried about moving up to the next level and it is a relief that went well.

Recently I have been buying and checking out books. Both fiction and non. I have also been walking to the library during lunch. It feels great to get outside and the library is a pretty peaceful destination. During one of those visits I borrowed two new books on genealogy.

I have always been drawn to family photos and stories, I like research and old graveyards but somehow the subject never interested me. Now it intrigues me. For the first time since Mom died I feel motivated to go through files and other stuff I boxed up.

Before I knew I needed to go through that stuff. That I should go through it. That if I moved I would have to do something with it but none of those were particularly motivating. Now that stuff might be useful or interesting rather than just sad or crap to feel bad about throwing away.

Saturday when I had a belated birthday lunch with Dad I tried to interest him in the subject. He has lots of spare time, he is learning to use the internet, and when he was a kid he met a lot of my great grandmother and great grandfather's relatives. He was not interested. I should have known he sold a bunch of my great grandparent's photographs at a yard sale. He might not be interested but I probably can talk him into scanning photos for me.

That has also been on my list for the last three and a half years but now I feel motivated to do so. Or at least motivated to get Dad to do it for me.

10:24 p.m. - 2009-07-27


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