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Pre-birthday thoughts

Wow. Guess I better embrace this decade because I am three years into it.

Last weekend I was surprised and mortified to be buying a home pregnancy test. I remember thinking I hadn't had this worry for 20 years. The good news is it was a false alarm. I would have a child but the circumstances would be bad. (There are other reasons but in a nutshell imagine an unwed mother whose boyfriend of two months is still married... and trying to explain the b/f has been separated and living apart for seven or eight years would sound like an excuse.)

A few minutes ago R called b/c he said I was the only one who could settle a dispute between he and the new g/f. He wanted to know his myers-briggs type. He was right, I was able to settle the argument b/c I the one who asked him to take the test. I remembered he was the Scientist but I didn't remember what that stood for. R is an INTJ. His response was T1ff was right.

I haven't met T1ff but I did talk to her briefly on the phone. She works in politics and the boss of her youth was my former roommate. Have I mentioned that I live in VA and R now lives in OH? And my former roommate has worked all over the US? Honestly, I know the democrat1c party isn't that large but what are the chances of having any sort of connection? From the few minutes that I talked to the new g/f I liked her. And I liked her MUCH better than the last one but maybe that is b/c the last one hated me and would have threatened to break his fingers if R had wanted to call me to settle a dispute. Or really for any reason.

As for my new b/f I like him but I also have reservations. He is terribly time challenged. Both in how busy he is and in his time management ability. (In myers-briggs terms I am sure he must be a P who is off the charts or who still struggles with developing J skills).

Dating the CPA is experiencing extremes. When I returned from Baltimore he was out of town but once he returned he stayed for 11 nights straight. Then without much warning or conversation he spent a week with his Dad. (his Mom was out of town and his Dad was lonely. I wouldn't of cared that I didn't see him but I also didn't really know what was going on. I should also mention those 11 nights he stayed with me his parents didn't see him and they wondered what was going on.) Then I saw him for 18 or so hours and I haven't seen him in two days. This time, though, I have spoken with him regularly. Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner for my birthday.

I don't think or worry much about the future with CPA. Being mainly in the present is...different.

My sister sent me a crazy cat woman card that said "lets keep it from getting this bad."

Tonight for fun I am going to the midnight HP movie. It is kind of crazy since I work tomorrow morning but I like going to movies on my bday (although when I was younger it was Bond flicks that opened mid-July) and having a midnight movie open July 15 seems like an omen. The CPA had zero desire to see HP. Robo singer considered it but he has taken his g/f to only one movie (can't sit still for two hours) in the year they've dated and while she doesn't care about HP she has been planning their movie date for two months including looking forward to buying popcorn. (That made me feel for her. It is tough when the person I am dating doesn't like movies however it would never stop me from seeing one. Or many.)

If the news crew returns (a crew was set up when I purchased my advanced ticket) look for me. I will be the non-costumed adult celebrating my birthday by depriving myself of sleep/pretending I am bored and killing time on my long summer break.

9:47 p.m. - 2009-07-14


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