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Work and Extended Replay Lies

I have only been teaching a full load of classes for a couple of weeks now and I am very tired. It is hard to get used to working and teaching again. This time around I have also thrown in knit 100 bags to sell and finish so many pieces of art by January. But I have good goals (save money, apply for residencies) and this crazy schedule is for a short period of time.

Yesterday The Former Pregnant Ladies' baby (Baby Red Head) was baptized. I did finish the blanket it time. *Whew* I was like a teenager in Church. Little things kept cracking me up (one hymn had 666 below the title) and I had to stifle the giggles. Afterward was a lovely and large brunch. The FPL,her sister and Baby Red Head are going to Russia this weekend. They are going to visit the friends The FPL and I went to see last year around this time.

Wow. Cannot believe I was in Russia last year. I can believe it has been a year though. In many ways it feels like it has been two.

I am going to go eat dinner but before I go I want to share this:

Chicago called last night. This week she is going out with a friend of ours from law school who also lives in the Windy City. He practiced for two years. Quit. Got a Masters in Education. Taught high school history for a couple of years. I was told he was fired from his job for teaching his own version of history. I don't know exactly what that means but I imagine one day he said this is a bunch of bullshit and then said what he thought about the textbook. Now MElvis (he is a huge Elvis fan and his first name starts with M) is playing in a rock band and is managing a comedy club.

But that isn't the good part.

The good part is MElvis told Chicago that a mutual friend of ours, a man I went out with for a brief period of time in law school, who lives in LA and has been working comedy since the day he graduated in 1990 -- LA's parents who live in DC think he is an entertainment lawyer. They have no idea that he has been working in comedy. LA has a show about telling his mother he really isn't a lawyer but the show is only partially true because he still hasn't told them. He is getting ready to go to England for four months to film a few episodes of a show where he plays the only American. Chicago asked MElvis What does he tell his parents when he goes places for months on end? -- he was in Scotland for four months a year or so ago.

Apparently he tells them he is recruiting talent for the firm. And at least when LA lived in Chicago and MElvis was around him a lot MElvis said LA talked to his family about once a week. I canot imagine lying like that for 13 years. The reason he is lies is even though he is in what I think must be his mid-forties his parents are completely opposed to any theater related work. His Mom would go get him and drag him away I guess like an intervention from a cult.

A little part of me thinks it is funny but the rest of me is so appalled.

8:27 p.m. - 2003-09-15


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