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Does The Office need writers?

Work is unnecessarily insane. I am having trouble getting anything done b/c my coach (yes, our supervisors are called coaches) needs certain things done. All of it needs to be done & no kidding all of it is a priority but she is so on top of things we receive 2-4 emails and a phone call or two about each one. Then while we are working on something from the list we receive another call redirecting what she wants us to work on at that particular moment. Meanwhile her boss is sending is old work that is a priority w/out taking into.consideration we are in training. That means we have little experience, we have to look a lot of info up so we are slower and all of our work is reviewed which means it takes even longer. Our poor reviewer to whom all of our work and all of our coach's emails and calls flow to is strung tight and ready to snap.

I still think the root of our problems is trying to measure accountability using a business model instead of one that is designed for us. One size never fits all and most is a sloppy measure. Clearly the model doesn't work and isn't accurate.

So can I adapt? Can I promote soon enough? Can I make it till then (prob spring)?

What do I need to do next? That is the mantra of not only my cube neighbors but most of the 28 folks who were promoted to this position in the last two years.

10:57 a.m. - 2009-11-25


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