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Holy Molely

On Monday I had about ten miles and skin tags removed from my face before I left R0an0ke. At first the spots were white from cauterization and slightly bloody. I looked pretty freakish. By the time I met Blackbe1t in Lex1ngt0n they just looked raw.

Tuesday they were a bit swollen when doctor's office called to check on me I asked if I should put vasoline or aquaphor on it. The person checked and said Neosporin for one week. I bought a tube and started using it. On Wednesday the larger wounds on the right side of my face looked infected. I called the dr and then texted photos. The nurse asked what I had on my face. When I told her she said that is what is wrong. I am not supposed to use Neosporin. She apologized for the office staff telling me to use it.

Since I stopped my wounds started healing better. My face didn't look great when I returned to the office Thursday but I had to come in.

I am self conscious and mumble derm appointment when co-workers look. Weirdly people think I've picked at a acne breakout. (Weird because I have never had acne in my life.) When I explain *mole removal* they asked what moles. They never noticed them.

Obviously, as evidenced by the wounds, there were several moles and they were decent sized. Co-workers have said either they didn't notice them or they thought they were freckles.

It is striking reminder about perception. I hated those moles and noticed them often especially in photos where they looked like pimples. But this isn't all in my mind. I have been teased many times in my life about my freckle and moles.

Are those mid splatters on your tights?

You could play connect the dots on your arms.

Wow. You are scar woman (then later mole woman.

At least twice a doctor has shown my skin to another doctor because I make so many moles. When I bartended a Chinese woman asked me if all those spots hurt.

Anyway, the experience has been painful, enlightening, and curious.

1:12 p.m. - 2015-12-11


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