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healing finger crater, the Show Me Boss & Cubemate P re-emerges

The antibiotic is working. The ulcerated wound on my finger is no longer a red rimmed hole. I am healing so I don't have to go back for a blood sugar test to determine if I am diabetic. So Merry Christmas to me.

Work has been busy due to pressure from many pay grades above mine. We've been coding like crazy, I created a banner image in a snap, the other part of the team is writing a FB post, the new addition to the site was going to be promoted in an upcoming software release, we went live yesterday and today we had to pull everything down and roll it back. Someone, again, way above my paygrade jumped the gun. I could say stupid g0vt but I think that is beating a dead horse.

The interesting question is why? It happened because I think we are desperate to get useful info out to the public b/c we want to but also b/c all the public does it say stupid govt. So we are trying extra hard to provide something to the public in a way that makes me think differently. The problem is, b/c we are an agency, we can't just put something out there. I don't know anyone I work with who wants there to be red tape and layers of bureaucracy BUT the same public that thinks we are stupid and wasteful ends up putting more and more requirements on us in order to prove that we aren't buying $2oo hammers.

Of course, some of over priced hammers were purchased, so something had to be done but what. Plus, why don't we ever hear who the contractor was that overcharged the public?

Anyway, the strange part was not that we had to do an about face. The strange part was my boss came back from a big meeting and maybe she didn't realize we'd already had a meeting with her boss about what we were suppose to do but she walked to my cube and said We need to roll back the index. Do you know how to do that? I said Yes. and before I could explain someone else had been assigned that task and was at that very moment doing it and I was assigned two other tasks she said, SHOW me how. Right now.

Maybe I am "making up a story" about her tone but she has been sick and has been hoarse all day but those words were clear, loud and disbelieving. I walked to my computer, called up the super slow content management system, I said There are two ways that I could do it. I could email support and ask them to roll it back or I can click on this button, click on version and then chose the version I need to roll back to. Then I explained that another co-worker was doing it.

My boss, RLModel (she could also be called CaliGirl but she reminds me more of a Lauren model), and I have a pretty good relationship. Intellectually and taste-wise we have a lot in common. I have been honest about my skills and have not tried to bluff and claim I could do something but then not deliver. The day before she'd picked me as her point person because she had to go home because her kid was running a fever.

I later asked my cubemate, GA, if she heard the exchange. She said she had And you showed her, right? Yes Ma'am I did She has never used that tone with GA but her job duties are slightly different. There usually anything that need from her under the gun. RLModel does talk that way to Quick Judgement but she and QJ have an on-going personality clash and dispute that stems from when they were co-workers and not employee-boss. And I have heard RLModel talk that way to Colonel F and maybe even Mickey Showboater (who could also be called Bullheaded Mickey -- BTW, I actually like my co-workers and boss -- they just all have very strong personalities. I don't think any of them would throw me under the bus but QJ might).

Anyway, I just had my year end review and it was excellent so my boss thinks I am doing good work. As Inkblot used to say most of them time it has nothing to do with you. It has to do with them. I think that is the case.

Talk to AliPow tonight. She emailed a couple of days ago to ask if I was alive. I started to email back to ask if she still was employed (she isn't crazy about her job) but I got caught up in the march to promote the new web pages and never got back to emailing her. Tonight she called to check on my breathing status. I live less than 5 miles from her but I have seen her twice since I moved her last New Year's Eve.

A couple of weeks ago BlackBelt asked Don't you miss your friends? I do. Absolutely. I had great friends in R0an0ke. I knew a ton of people with all kinds of interests. I knew cab drivers and doctors and a lot in between. Sometimes when I look at Doog's pictures on FB I miss the dynamic and out going art community. They are fun in part of the performance artist/modern dancer background. They know how to put on a spectacle. BUT I lived less than three blocks from Doog but I saw her three or four times a year. I didn't regularly participate in the art antics. I only saw TFPL three or four times a year. I had great community and the support was always there but if I wanted to I could be almost as connected to them here as I was there. BUT I am not even connecting much with the people, like AliPow, that I know here.

Speaking of connecting, a couple of days ago Cubemate P from R0anoke messaged me at work to ask about a job opening here. At least four people have emailed me to ask about my experience here and to ask advice. I periodically ask Cubemate P a field question and occasionally we chat for an email or two but every five or so months. Even before I transferred and he and I were on the same team I didn't talk to him regularly.

After the whole blow up with his then g/f-now-wife, the Crazy Japanese B1tch (I rarely use that word but it applies here -- one weekend she called me 17 times from Japan, she left me 2 min messages, then a week later emailed to ask relationship advice. Months after I agreed not to be friends with Cubemate P she stalked my photo page & emailed to ask if I had been at a movie with Cubemate P. I emailed back, nicely to say no. I had been at a movie with Mrs. Voice. Even two years after they were married she emailed to say that friends of theirs noticed photos of the three of us on my photo site that were taken three years previously. She wanted me to take them down. I made them private.), I have been polite but kept my distance. Before I left he wrote a nice email to me saying what a special person I am and how he hadn't been a very good friend. It was a nice email but he didn't do anything wrong and even if he married someone when there were clear warning signs -- well -- he isn't the first person to do that either. Anyway, the last couple of days we have been messaging some, mainly about the job he is applying for (I can point to resources like you wouldn't believe) but it also makes me wonder if everything is ok. I hope so.

8:11 p.m. - 2011-12-08


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