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I am waxing poetic (again) about the random button

I haven't given up on my diary because I am glad that I have written. Sure I have been sporadic since I went to work at the agency (the agency put a serious crimp in my internet access). And when I do write I feel like I vomit on the page and my word vomit is rarely attractive. But I keep my diary because I love the random button. It is much more random then flipping through an old diary (more because it can pull a 2003 entry and then a 2007 entry vs. each book is limited to one time period). It is entries like this that remind me of why I write. The random button pulled up a good one. It is kind of a sad entry -- old R pain -- but I like the entry. I may have been spewing but it was no word vomit.

Maybe if I practiced by writing more often than every four months (my last entry before the one I wrote earlier this evening was in August before my trip to S1ci1y) I wouldn't have to word vomit. I don't know if practice will make my entries perfect but I suspect it will make them more readable.

12:32 a.m. - 2011-12-04


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