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This is the first time in over two years that I have had an unhobbled computer and home internet access. First my laptop started having problems with the power port. Sometimes the power port would charge; sometimes it wouldn't. Then I started having problems with my laptop recognizing my wireless signal. By the time I moved from my house on New Year's Eve I had a 25' ethernet cable directly hooked to my laptop and I had to keep my laptop 100% still. The smallest movement would unplug the power cord. I tried taping the cord to my laptop. Jonzo's roommate looked at my laptop and said the power port needed to be fix but since it involved soldering the port he did not feel comfortable. I bought a new battery but the computer still wouldn't work without the power cord plugged in. I took my laptop to the Tw0 R0bs (one R0b works on Macs the other PCs). Mac R0bs suggestion was since it would cost about $300 to fix coupled with the fact my laptop was old and overheating that I not fix it but eventually get a new machine. Two weeks ago I bought a beautiful new laptop but I had to wait until today for an installation.

I am thankful to my Dr0id, which has been my main access to the internet outside of work for the last eighteen months. I am also grateful to the coffee shops, restaurants and libraries who have provided internet service but I am thrilled to have wifi at home with a working computer.

Maybe now I will look for a digital TV. I decided to not get cable so I only brought Mom's 13" analog TV/DVD player but I think Netf1ix would be nice.

11:24 a.m. - 2011-06-17


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