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Dad's visit

Two weeks ago I received an equity check. Last week the equity line was paid off and perhaps by the end of this week or next the mortgage will be settled.

It is hard to not make comparisons. The real estate in N0VA is expensive. Who ever buys my former house is getting a hell of a deal. Even with the cost of repair and upkeep. The wood work and four fire places are truly beautiful and 2,700 square feet is a both big but livable.

I understand how people are lured to small cities by cheap prices.

Last weekend Dad and my stepmom visited for the first time. It has its bumpy spots -- Dad, of course, got lost a few times; he arrived three hours earlier than our agreed time; the weather was unrelenting steamy the first day and half; and a few other such things (like him offering to join We1ght Watchers with me). However, things evened out. Dad, against his will, ended up enjoying their hotel room; it was quiet, clean and convenient. Our bus tours,which eventually grew monotonous were also informative and allowed us to see a lot of the city he'd never seen. He, like Blackbelt, was relieved that my neighborhood is safe.

I wish my place was more finished. I don't have any couches or a TV. It isn't a big deal to me because they will come in time (although as I mentioned before no internet and a crippled computer was a big deal). Friday night after dinner Dad looked around and said What do you do in the evenings? Pet the cats?

We were never a family who had the TV on 24 hours a day. Depending on where we lived the TV sometimes wasn't in our main living room but in a smaller TV room that wasn't always used. Yes, TV is easy. Yes, I enjoy TV. I particularly enjoyed my DVR and HB0. But I hope, once I have a TV again (perhaps as soon as this weekend) I don't spend every evening watching TV.

The cats demand to be petted all the time just not in the evenings. Besides petting I also read, listen to books on CD and listen to music on my ip0d.

A few days later Dad asked if I was lonely in N0VA. No. I spent a lot of time by myself in R0an0ke. I could probably find someone to do something with if I wanted company. For the most part I am ok being by myself plus I date someone so every couple of weeks I am not alone.

I could tell Dad finds my life both interesting and strange.

The only other thing, other than Dad's visit, which is different is for the last week or so I have vivid dreams. Some creepy -- a spider crawled into a small hole on my finger and I had to wait for it to crawl out. Two about R. Maybe one about the Last Blond. I have had other vivid dreams that are repeats of dreams I have had before (like I am forced to marry the ex a second time -- the first was by choice.

Anyway, after this morning's dream about R, the second in a week I felt I should call him to see if everything was alright. Six or so months ago I discovered he'd disconnected the cell phone number he has had since he moved back to the States. It was a N0VA area code and he has lived in 0hi0 years longer than he lived here (something like 1 year here 8 years in 0hi0) but I was briefly hurt when I realized he hadn't called to give me his new number. So I looked up his work number and even wrote it on a sticky note but I never called. Maybe tomorrow. I would like to make sure he and his world are alright. Part of me thinks I am his past and he is mine and it is best left that way but we were friends much longer than we dated and even longer than I carried a torch. Plus I have the feeling the dreams mean something so I should respect my night time world and follow up on the messages it sends me.

7:55 p.m. - 2011-06-14


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