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Turns out having internet only on my phone isn't enough.

Anyway, the apartment I mentioned in my last entry refused me. They said my credit was ok but they use a rental screening company and the company refused me. The reason was I didn't have enough credit (I haven't had a car loan since 1989 and while I have been paying Mom and Alvin's mortgage it is reported to the estate and not my credit -- which is both good and bad). Anyway, the complex felt terrible and returned my $99 money order (which I am still trying to get a refund from -- I threw away the receipt and WU has been a pain in the way a huge company can be a problem).

So I started looking at places that were managed by real estate companies. I was accepted for a brick townhouse sort of near where the apartment where I was turned down was located. It cost me $6,600 to get into the townhouse. Because of my lack of credit I had to pay first months rent ($1,950), last month's rent ($1,950), a security deposit equal to one month's rent ($1,950) and a $750 pet deposit for Darwin and Lucy. Ouch.

I like the area where I live although I miss being on top of the Metr0. Now I take a bus to the Pentag0n and then the Metr0. Being on the B1ue Metr0 line is great because it isn't as crowded as the 0range line was. The bus to train isn't bad but I really do miss being able to just hop on a train. The townhouse is two stories and a basement with two bedrooms, a den, dining room, kitchen, two baths, two bedrooms. The furnace isn't great - runs all the time, which is expensive, the windows are even more drafty than the historic single paned glass windows in Roanoke, the place wasn't painted before I moved in so it is scuffed, and my washer isn't working. However, it holds most of the stuff that the movers had (I also have a 10 x 20 storage unit in Roan0ke). I continue to work on paring down but at the same time there are things I need (like a sofa and TV) but it is all coming together and overall I like it and am happy.

In addition to living without a couch I don't have internet at my place although I have it on my phone. I have been taking my laptop to the nearby library but I have finanlly realized I really need internet at home. I subscribed to 1ynda.c0m and want/need to work my way through training that would help me in my job.

I need to focus on meeting my requirements so that the government can buy my house. I am close, maybe two weeks from settling the house god willing and the creek don't rise. With the sale of the house I can upholster my fab sofas I got years ago from Ernie (whose code name I've forgotten but I had them at R's house and Inkblot had the green ones in her apartment -- but since then they were badly mutalated by stray cats that I was taming on my sunporch). I am also going to get a new laptop. Yay!!!! I have been collecting software for the last two years for my new-but-not-yet-purchased-laptop. I bought my current refurbished laptop five years ago. It has been great but I the power connector is broken and it won't run on it battery. It overheats. It has to be plugged in but the power cord barely attaches since the power connector is broken which means if the laptop moves out all the laptop quits and has to be restarted.

Since my move there has been many small and a few large annoyances (small things like having to make five phone calls, send three emails and conduct one live chat re: refund of my money order but I still don't have the form I need, having to order 2 new debit cards [one due to fraud activity, the other lost], receiving a ticket for not having a county sticker when I was within the allowable time frame, had changed my registration and was waiting for the city of R0an0ke to send proof that I had paid my city tax and large like having to pay $6,600 to get into a place, one of my paychecks not dropping on time, my GS12 paywork not processing on time, etc.) but everything is actually good.

I like my job. I like Ar1ingt0n. I like DC. I am learning my community. I have been taking editing and video production classes at Ar1ingt0n 1ndependent Med1a. I have made a couple of friends at work. My relationship with Black Belt is good. And maybe more than anything I am truly excited about the possibilities this area affords but I have to get out from underneath the financial noose of the mortgage and rent.

3:15 p.m. - 2011-04-09


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