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This is me writing from my temporary quarters outside of DC. I started my new job Monday. This week is mainly orientation but I like the office. They are excited to see me and I am excited to be there. My boss keeps mentioning that I have a visual arts degree so I guess that and showing her my video cinched the decision.

I may have written this before but being offered this job is a culmination of seemingly unrelated, uncareer related things. First, I work for the agency because I was a knitting teacher (it was my knitting student who was so insistent that I would be a great employee that her husband/the director came to the museum to personally recruit me. Yes, I had to apply, answer a billion questions, pass a background check, etc. but if my knitting student's husband hadn't asked me to apply or even told me the job was open I was never applied and/or known.)

Second, my masters in visual arts, which I completed in 2008. I originally wanted an MFA but most programs cost $60,000 or more. I would encourage anyone who wants a degree to obtain but I knew that while paying law school loans would be difficult paying for art loans would be tough (lawyers usually make more money than artists). I choose to get a masters from H011ins because it was in visuals arts and I could pay for it one class at a time. It seemed like a good compromise esp since the degree was for myself. I was asked more than once what I was going to do with my degree Are you going to work in H011yw00d? No. I wanted to study visual arts and this was a way for me to do it. I was very lucky in that I ended up with two great professors -- one in film and the other new media. Anyway, as I mentioned above, my visual arts degree is a key component to how my boss studies me.

Third, Dland. I have hand coding experience from here. I've supplemented my skills in classes and at my job at the museum I was responsible for updating the website weekly but most of what I know about HTML is from Dland.

I have my current job in web communications (which I am very excited about) because of Dland, knitting, and getting a degree for personal satisfaction.

7:51 p.m. - 2011-01-04


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