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One check or two?

On Saturday, about a week before Halloween, I was running errands when I my mind kept telling me I should go eat breakfast. The rationale was I was working at the visitors center Sunday, which is the day I normally eat breakfast, so I was going to miss my two eggs over easy, hashbrowns and bacon if I didn't eat then. I was on the opposite side of town from my usual breakfast place and I was going to be meeting my Dad in four or five hours for dinner but I hadn't eaten anything so I was hungry. After debating the merits of eating I drove to the Sa1em pancake h0use for very late breakfast.

A red german sports car was headed towards the spot where I was going to park so I parked in BFE instead. There was a line at the front door but there were two or three open stools at the counter. I wedged myself between two women on the smallest barstool I have ever sat on. The waitress took my drink order. When she came back with my sweet tea she said One check or two?

Excuse me?

One check or two? The two of you sat down about the same time I thought maybe you couldn't sit together. I leaned forward to look to my left as a man was leaning forward to look at me. Two checks. It is a coincidence we sat down at the same time.

A third of the way through my breakfast the woman in between us finished. The man struck up conversation. He had lived in NC and missed it a lot. He mentioned an adult daughter. He asked if I had children. He asked what I do. I explained work and what I consider to be more interesting -- the film and video part of me. He said he was interested in doing a documentary related to karate. I gave him my video link and email address.

The next day he emailed. He asked if he could take me to dinner or coffee. He said he wanted to talk about his doc idea but he also wanted to get to know me better; he said he hoped he wasn't being too forward but it isn't every day that you meet a smart and beautiful woman in Roan0ke.

I wrote back and said coffee. I was tied up that week (applying for a couple of jobs) but later in the week we could touch base. We ended up going out Saturday night for Halloween. I told Mrs. Voice if my date didn't dance with other women, be kissed by other women and no one got drunk I would consider my date a success. I hadn't picked a Halloween costume but I was able to dress as a decent looking gypsy. BlackBelt (BB) wasn't planning on dressing but he dressed as a witchdoctor.

We had a nice dinner at B1ue Five. The place never really filled up with people so we went downtown. For a while we were at Metr0 & unlike the previous year with CPA when I went to the bathroom BB waited for me instead of dancing with other women. Later we met up with Mrs. Voice who was dressed as Amy W1neh0use. And unlike the previous year with CPA, BB was glad to met my friends. Mrs. Voice was going elsewhere so BB and I went to two0two to dance. We stayed out late but didn't close anything down. After he took me home we talked in his car until 2 am.

Sunday we met for coffee, went to the duck pond, took a drive and had calzone's at Frank's. Wednesday I watched BB teach class; afterward we had Thai food downtown. Thursday was maybe dinner at Macados. Friday we ate at L0gan's and saw The Netw0rk. Saturday I don't remember.

Sunday I ran into news about BB from the internet (I was adding him to FB and a bald man who was not BB came up so instead I googled). It is a long story but after being super weirded out Sunday I texted him Monday and we talked on the phone Monday night. Tuesday he came over to talk more about it in person.

Thursday was a holiday for me. Friday we ate at 0live Garden (his choice not mine but he likes my restaurants too). Saturday we drove to Lex1ngton. We ate, walked around the town, toured 1ee Chape1, and part of the undergrad campus. Sunday we ate breakfast at Wi11iams0n Road Pancake H0use.

On Wednesday I received a call about the job I applied for. I was offered an interview. Yay! That night I fixed dinner. BB was totally bummed about the job interview. He wants me to be happy in my work but he doesn't want to see me move. He has zero interest in a long distance relationship. He has zero interest in DC. Thursday I don't remember. Friday we had dinner again at L0gan's (it is next to the movie theatre) then we saw HP/Deathly Ha110ws I. Saturday I don't remember. Sunday we ate a Litt1e Chef (the place I normally eat for breakfast). Then I packed and went to DC to spend the night.

My job interview went great. I loved the two people I interviewed with. It is a different division than mine. The job is in web c0mmunication. It will probably be challenging to move and I will miss BB but I want this job. They seemed to really like me and I think I have a good chance. I should hear sometime this week or by the first of next. Meanwhile I just have to work extra hard at my job. I need to make sure I cross all my t's and dot all "i"s so I won't have the same kind of hang up as last time.

BB has been great. He likes being with me. He is open to doing all kinds of things. He fixed the upstairs bathroom door, which I have been having to slam shut. Physically we are great. After CPA I didn't think I would get that and it is totally different but also pretty amazing vs. normal or average or not-so-great-but-that-is-ok-b/c-I-really-like-the-guy. But BB and I are different. Our education and experience levels are different. I wouldn't exactly say blue collar/white collar but kind of like that. He has the desire to take care of me, which is flattering and a nice change, but it is also constrictive. He isn't used to being with someone who travels by themselves or is as independent as I am. He is also a lot more serious than I am. He used the "L" word. In a way I understand the seriousness because in a month we have fit three months worth of dating. I also feel incredibly comfortable around him.

So, why the off timing?

I don't know but the day I met him I was carrying my signs book. The counter was too crowded to be able to read a book but that was what I was carrying. In response to the waitress and us meeting, in his first email he said There are no coincidences. If that is true then the timing isn't off. We were meant to met and perhaps restore each others faith in the dating world and then we were meant to move on because I am really hoping I will be working the web communications job within a few weeks.

12:01 a.m. - 2010-11-22


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