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I accepted a job offer in DC with our main office. I start Monday, September 27, 2010. I am excited and nervous. I think I want to rent the house but I am not sure. Whatever I decide it means clearing it from basement to attic. I have to find home for a couple of stray cats (they are up-to-date on their shots and have been spayed) and ten super big gold fish. I have to break the news to my Dad. He is going to be pretty mad and then worried. He hates DC. It might even trigger a writing-out-of-the-will. There is the likely emotional roller coaster of going through the rest of Mom's things. There is the joy of moving. There are all of my friends and other people like Robosinger. There is my great yoga studio, my acupuncturist who has kept my ecezema under control, my dentist, my vet, my honest/reasonable car mechanic, and my favorite restaurants. There will be likely be a longer commute and a four dozen other issues to address in the next five or six weeks but I am also excited.

I applied for only one job. Not because I thought it was my dream job but because the application process is so long I only gathered, photocopied, wrote and FedEx once by the deadline. I am going to a staff of nine. They hired two people. I understand from a slip made by our HR that the other person is from our office, which is interesting because the position was open to the whole country. (But we are one of the larger offices so maybe it makes sense?) I will be traveling to regional offices about 25 percent of the time. My cubemate who moved to SF travels with her job and she said she thought it would be cool but she is in each place a day. haha I thought about that. I am looking forward to traveling because I will get to see different places & I might build up miles and/or hotel points.

Anyway...WOW!!! Last night before I received the offer I looked up yoga studios in DC. :-) This is what I think -- no matter how much stuff I have to accomplish in order to move and establish a life in a big city this is the time to do it. I can always move back but I don't think if I continue to wait there is much chance of me moving to a bigger place.

Today I told Cubemate E (we were on the training team together, we were both on performance plans together. She finally stepped down b/c she was stressed out by our job coupled with the fact her husband has undergone a series of amputations) she said she thought I would be great in DC. She said she feels like this is a whole new, wonderful chapter for me. It was such a nice thing to say and that idea is what I am focusing on. Faith. Faith that I was meant to get the one job I applied for and that everything will fall into place.

10:51 p.m. - 2010-08-05


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