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break up with CPA

Today I finally broke up with CPA. There was no particularly trigger other than it was time. Our relationship, since I last wrote about it (in February?) has had great moments. Mom's cat Ming had to be put to sleep in late May. CPA was so helpful. He picked Ming up for me from the vet (I'd originally deicided to have him cremated). He buried him. He was very tender. Ming's death affected him too. But, of course, good days were mixed with days of him being out of touch. Days of not seeing him even though he drives within three blocks of my house almost every day as he goes to the Y. CPA has a list of people, which includes his ex and his parents, who are always nagging him because he didn't do something or because they don't know where he is, etc. I don't want to be part of that list but that list is part of who and how he is.

Took a trip to the beach with my Dad, stepmom, two of her three adult kids, their two spouses, and five boys under the age of 12. It was a much more enjoyable trip than I'd imagined! CPA was at the beach the same time with four of his kids and one of their friends. That actually is the last time we saw each other. He came over to our house the day I arrived. He met my Dad for the first time. We hung out, walked to the Pier. It was nice. That was also two Saturdays ago.

I am off the training team and on a regular team. I am back on the 10th floor which is funny because I have been on five teams but have only been on the 6th and 10th floors. Cubemate P is on my team. He was also on my training team for six months of the year I was on that team.

--gotta go -- one of the nieces is here.

5:49 p.m. - 2010-06-27


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