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the dt0id feeds my internet habit

I am writing from my new Dr01d Er1s phone that I upgraded to on its launch day last Friday. A bit geekish & perhaps materialist (although my phone was free) I admit but I love having easy access to the internet. I have a weather app set to home, Ber1in, Sici1y, NYC, DC, and P1ttsburgh. B, P & D are possible job promotions. S b/c the scientist brother is there.

The update in a nutshell is (1) unmotivated at work, (2) still dating the cpa b/c he had a good explanation meaning his version was possible, (3) I.have a contractor to fix my roofs, (4) I won tickets to my neighborhood's xmas house tour which is one of my fav things to do, (5) I am on the photography committee of a cool event, (6) I take three to five yoga classes each at a beautiful studio & I would spend all of my time on spite of the fact it is hard for me, (7) most of my house is cluttered & while I am working on it I am distracted by my dvr, (8) I still often dream about my Mom bit I rarely can understand her b/c she is dead, and (10) I am creatively frustrated b/c I haven't being doing anything.

But I am working on it. All of it.

9:40 a.m. - 2009-11-13


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