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Patron Saint of Cell Phones

The CPA does what he wants and forgets he has made other plans. I've seen him be late to pick up his kids, who repay him by never being ready. I've watched him spend eleven days with me and not call his parents to let them know he is not coming home. I've had him not call me for four days straight.

Yeah, he always has a reason. I was ... whatever. It has been annoying but since I've seen him do it to others it never felt personal. Just a terrible habit that I could either live with or would break up with him over it.

Thursday he called to say he was leaving from Lynchburg (where he has been working) to drive to Rmond b/c he is having dental work done at the medical college (much cheaper). He also thought he would stay and do some antique, etc shopping (his other profession) while he was there. This phone call represented a BIG improvement.

Often he goes out of town for several days but doesn't call until he is back.

I was at an art reception and asked if I could call him later. He said "Sure baby."

Right now he has two cell phones. His cell phone and one of his daughter's cell phones who decided to go with a phone with the mother's plan. He'd said he main phone was dying so as I was leaving downtown I called him on his other, new-to-him cell phone. Instead of sending my call to voicemail he put it on speaker phone.

At first, I thought he was at a gas station asking directions b/c there was a discussion about routes. I waited for him to finish his other conversation and say to me "Sorry, I had to ask directions." Or whatever. Instead as I waited for the conversation to finish I realized he was riding with a woman. They were talking about routes, an antique show, her driving "Slow down. You might want to take this slower." "What is your show schedule like?" He also offered her some advice, etc.

I don't remember much about what she said but for over 14 minutes I listened to my boyfriend and anther woman I know nothing about, had never heard of, ride and talk.

None of it was overly personal. It sounded like they are just getting to know each other.

After trying to get his attention "HEY CPA!" I hung up. I had a miserable night of sleep.

The next day he called me to talk about his dental appointment. I asked him where he found to stay. He said "A motel 6 or 8." He said the room was about $40.00. This is an important detail b/c he doesn't pay money for rooms or for anything that he doesn't have to. He has to go back for a couple of more dental appointments for his root canal and crown extension. I pointed out that having to travel to Rmond for three or four dental appointments increases the cost of the cheap treatment (not to mention he was in Rmond last weekend too.) He said he might camp for the next appointment or two.

I don't know if you know this or not but our state capital is known for its camping facilities. Yeah, right.

He mentioned the antique show he was at (which is where I am sure she is a vendor). He said he thought he would stay to do some other antique and flea market stuff. I asked if he knew anyone that he could do that stuff with b/c it is more enjoyable to share it with another. He said he didn't know anyone.

The CPA called me a couple of times Friday and once or twice today but not too early in the morning and certainly not after 5 pm. His calls have been friendly "Hey darling, how has your weekend been?" and more often than ever before. He has finally taken my request to not go completely incommunicado seriously.

Even though I heard him and her talking in the car I barely believe it. His calls are so normal. I keep hoping he'll say "oh, I forgot to tell you that ____ an antique dealer and I have been hanging out. I think she could be a potential business partner." Or something.

I decided to not talk about it with him on the phone. I know him well enough to know he'll disappear and I'll never speak to him again. That he'll drop my keys in the mailbox when I am not home. And since I prefer to talk to him face-to-face I have pretended that everything is normal. I know I don't sound completely normal though. Friday he said "Baby is everything ok?"

I am sure my energy feels different. Or my sentences are short. I like being called baby and darling but I've always suspected that those terms are used by people who don't want to bother to remember names or those who have too many names to remember.

I don't know when I'll see him next. He'll probably be back Sunday but if he stays to help her break down it will be late Sunday and meanwhile his Dad just had a procedure to break up kidney stones so even when he comes into town he'll probably go to their house. So Monday or maybe Tuesday.

It surprises me that I am able to not say anything to him on the phone. I can be impatient about certain things (why a big build up -- just say it.) but part of it is due to shock. It surprises me and I really want to see his face.

At worst he is cheating or attempting to cheat. At best he lied through omission and then when I asked he lied directly. So even the best case is shitty.

After I overheard the conversation I tried to call a couple of friends but I didn't get ahold of them b/c it was about 10:30 pm. I then called Robo Singer b/c he is still on light duty, from the horse stepping on his back last year, and they are punishing him with a 3-11 shift on the non-emergency number.

Robo was super nice. I felt bad calling him to vent but it was a nice conversation. I said that I had other reservations, like the amount CPA drinks. Robo pointed out CPA was pretty drunk the first time he met him. (There is no fooling a cop about the amount one has had to drink.)

I am too tired to write more but I told Robo that cell phones like me b/c NC's cell phone called me when he was in a counseling session. No matter how much I know and understand intuitively it really does take concrete eyewitness evidence to convince me and apparently my fairy godmother knows this and provides me with proof positive.

12:21 a.m. - 2009-10-04


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