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crossing items off my to-do list

I am sore but I went to four yoga classes in five days. This week the studio is closed for vacation so I will find another way to exercise. I know it is early to need a break but my body seems to be in a bit of shock so a week of less intense movement might be called for.

This weekend I am working checking expired items off my to-do list. You know, those items that have been on there for so long that it is ridiculous they haven't been done but there is not much motivation to do them? I was my niece's wedding photographer in late April. I posted the rehearsal dinner photos on f1ickr a while ago but I was waiting to post the wedding photos because there is over four hundred of them. Plus I thought I would photoshop 20 or so. I edited a few for my class final in May but editing and posting the wedding photos just set on my to-do list for three months.

Well, they have been posted. I even put some on FB with a link the full album so that my niece's friends can see, copy, and print them. I also made two DVDs of the photos; one for my niece and nephew-in-law and a back up copy for me.

What a huge relief.

I have also been clearing paper from my desk. Going through some of my clothes, doing laundry, and just generally organizing.

Last night I saw The CPA. We were going to see The Hurt L0cker but by the time he finished doing something with one of his sons it would have been difficult to get to the theatre on time. It would have been fine if the theatre wasn't The Grand1n but they only show two or three previews vs. the twenty minutes of previews and ads at the other theatres so I decided not to go. We were awake until 3:30 am. For the first time since we started seeing each other in May it was The CPA who had to get up at 7:30 this morning not me.

He was hating life and I felt for him but I honestly felt a tiny bit smug as I rolled back over. It is one thing to intellectually know how tired I am when we stay up that late when I have to work the next day but it is a different thing to experience it yourself. I knew he would be OK because he only had to be awake for a few hours while he met his oldest daughter and not an entire workday otherwise I wouldn't have felt smug at all.

4:04 p.m. - 2009-08-16


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